Fast and Affordable Renderings
Our renderings tell design stories.
When clients view your designs, they’ll use your designs.

Quick, affordable, photoreal 3d renderings for exceptional interior designers and developers.
Effective Presentation
Don’t make your clients visualize their space from a plan, inspire them with a photoreal rendering instead.
Buying behavior will increase if your clients don’t have to decipher mood boards, floor plans, and swatches of fabric.
By taking advantage of our exceptional rendering solutions, you save yourself both time and money.
Studio Rendering provides an unmatched combination of services and quality; we guarantee the best value.
Expansive Library
Our award-winning 3d library contains the ideal resources for any project.
You will have access to 100,000+ top home furnishings across all categories, including options from renowned designers.

How it works
Set us up to share your design stories just the way you like.
Describe your spaces
  • - Name and number your rooms
Provide layout details
  • - Floor plans and images are required for existing spaces
  • - Architectural docs will be needed for new builds
Share your design specifics
  • - Furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E)
  • - Placement of each piece
  • - What rendering perspective would you like for each space
  • - Perspective
  • OR
  • - Choose one of our pre-populated design aesthetics
Summary and Checkout
  • - Review your order
  • - Complete payment
  • - A confirmation email will be sent containing order details
Pricing Plans
Two simple pricing plans.
Choose what you need.

Pay Per Room

Room Shell$295
Service Level$0/$100
FF&E Package$250
Additional Perspective Renders$150


Plan Renderings per Month Discount vs Pay Per Image
*Most Popular
*Discounts vary
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You have questions.
We have answers.
How is pricing determined for my project?
The cost is calculated based on the number of rooms you want to have rendered, along with the service level you choose. Along with that, each room. Each room includes the Standard FF&E Package. This package includes 8 items and 1 custom piece, which will be used to populate the space.
Who owns the copyright to the renderings you create for me?
You own the copyright free and clear on all renderings you order from us. The deliverable is the image itself and that is all yours.
Will you provide 3d files?
We will for a fee. The fee varies by project. Email your request here and reference your project name.
What is a White Glove service?
Our white glove service level offers a committed project manager (PM) based in the US, who is an experienced Art Director with extensive 3D rendering expertise. Direct communication is provided through various channels such as voice or video calls, email, or text, according to your preferred method. The cost of this service is determined on a room-by-room basis, considering factors such as project scope and the estimated time required for our PMs to manage it.
How long does it take to get a rendering?
The process can vary slightly, however the process after submission looks like this:
Day 0References and initial payment received
Day 3Whiteline rendering sent to client(no materials, just blocking and some lighting)
Day 4Markups on whitelines received from client
Day 7Material draft sent to client(materials added, low res rendering sent)
Day 8Markups on material draft received from client
Day 10Final renderings delivered once final payment is received Timelines are highly dependent on speed of markup turnaround.
What does FF&E mean?
It stands for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. Which refers to items used to populate a space.
How do you create such incredible renderings?!
It’s magic. We can never reveal our secrets!

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Quick, affordable, photoreal 3d renderings for exceptional interior designers and developers.

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